You won’t be prepared for what’s coming…

For those of you who like to be scared!

The farm after hours is terrifying alone. It’s dark, quiet, and isolated in the country.
Now add Halloween.

Hell-raiser Haunted Barn

Hell-raiser barn is a 5,000 + sq ft dirt floor barn jam packed with all the terrors you can imagine. Secluded in a back corner of our farm, it’s terrifying any night. But, with the help of our creepy friends, you won’t sleep for days!

The Graveyard

If you are lucky enough to escape from Hell-raiser Barn, you will immediately enter the family’s graveyard where the beloved have been buried for generations… and they’re not happy about it.

Crop Maze Escape

Closed For The Season (as of 10/23/2020) The only way to safety is to walk through a short, but very dark crop maze. Dead ends will haunt you, but the inhabitants may do worse.

Witch Haven Woods

Coming in 2021, our 2 acres of wetlands will provide for the most frightfully delightful walk through the dark and mysterious Witch Haven Woods. Stay out of it for now as the dangers that lurk inside are too awful for any of the living to endure.

This was absolutly the best, most authentic Halloween event I have ever been to and with what they are planning it is only going to get better!

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